TMSFMXRadioGroup Style

How can you alter the style of a TMSFMXRadioGroup.

When you choose to edit the default style, you get an empty container....What are the style elements etc? 
What does this object inherit from?

Also, if you do not want a title, how do you get rid of it? Deleting the text only deletes it at design time...putting a space makes it look funny.

the TTMSFMXRadioGroup uses the TComboBox style. The dropdown window Fill and Stroke can be changed with the Fill and Stroke property in the object inspector or at runtime. The ItemFont and ItemFontColor properties can be used to style the items.

Are you using RAD Studio 10 Seattle update 1? There has been a style issue that didn't display a style for custom controls. With AdaptToStyle you can automatically adapt to the loaded style in FireMonkey.

We have fixed the issue with the Title not being clear, the next version will address this.
Pieter Scheldeman2016-03-09 10:27:58

We are currently using xe6 - with plans to go to Seattle.

Just to be clear, you wrote that it uses the TComboBox Style - you did mean TCombobox - not GroupBox right?

If so, what style element refers to the Title?



I overlooked you are using TTMSFMXRadioGroup and mistakenly took the TTMSFMXRadioGroupPicker. The TTMSFMXRadioGroup does not inherit from TComboBox, it inherits from TControl and is not styleable.