TTMSFMXTabSet OnCloseEvent not firing

To reproduce, create an FMX Multi-Device application and drop a TTMSFMXTabSet on the form. Set Options|CloseMode to tcmTab and Options|CloseAction to ttcaFree.

Write something like this in the OnCloseTab event handler to check whether the event handler fires:

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXTabSet1CloseTab(Sender: TObject; ATabIndex: Integer;
  ACloseAction: TTMSFMXTabSetTabCloseAction);
  // Message does not appear when closebutton clicked
  // It appears that this event does not fire
  ShowMessage('This is the OnCloseTab event');

Run the program. Click on any tab close button to close the tab. The OnCloseTab event does not appear to fire.

Thanks for reporting. We fixed this. 
As a workaround with the current version, you can use the event OnBeforeCloseTab