TTMSFMXTableViewEx and Dark Theme


When I use TTMSFMXTableViewEx with dark themes and I set AdaptToStyle
the Search box is drawn white and the text is white.
I found how to change the color of the search box with
.GetSearchEdit.GetBackGround.Fill.Kind: = TBrushKind.None
but the adaptation of TTMSFMXTableViewEx to the current style might be improved.

There is also a border around the header of the search box and around the entire control that I would like to remove but I did not find where.

Beste Regards,
Tiberiu Stoicescu


Thank you for your feedback.
Can you specify which dark theme style you are using? I have tested here with the and the searchbox is adapting as expected.


I see that and some other some standard style is looking good and separator line is looking good.

Fmx premium style CopperDark, Jet, Win10ModernDark, Win10ModernPurple, etc. have reported issues.

Unfortunately premium fmx styles have a different way of providing style information, some default controls are not styled, we are also not able to extract the necessary information from those styles. There are many differences between IDEs and some styles even generate memory leaks. We have focused mainly on the default FMX Styles. 

Of the standard styles, only those named Win10Modern and Metropolis do not work correctly.

Can you point out exactly which style? We have no issues here applying these styles here. from Getit

We'll look into this as soon as possible.