TTMSFMXSearchEdit caret pos after clear button

When I type in some text and then click the clear button on a FMXSearchEdit control, the text gets cleared but the caret is not repositioned to the far left and instead is still at the position where the last character was typed in. Upon tapping the control again, it then and only then repositions the caret to the far left.

Is there something I need to do to get it to reposition to the far left upon clicking the clear button? Sure, this is purely cosmetic, but looks bad to the customer.

This tested in an Android Samsung S7 device and compiled with Delphi 11.3.


We cannot reproduce this here. Can you put together a sample?

It might be easier if you post the sample you tested with so I can see what's different. All I did was to add that component. Anyway, I've changed my app to compensate by hiding the caret when not focused.