TTMSFMXPopup With Grid Broken On OSX


Delphi XE3 Pro with latest full TMS Firemonkey pack for XE3.

When using a TTMSFMXPopup connected to a TTMSFMXBARBUTTON with a TTMSGrid embedded within the TTMSFMXPopup it all works nicely on Windows but doesn't work well when running on OSX.

When running on OSX is comes up with an Access Violation in D2D1.dll and then when you quit the application it crashes the whole IDE with continual access violations errors in fmx170.bpl.

I have tried placing a TGrid within the TTMSFMXPopup, similar issues, it works on windows but not OSX.

Think the issue is with the TTMSFMXPopup on OSX.

I can supply source example.