TMSFMXGrid AutoSizeRows() doesn't work?


we are using TMSFMXGrid with C++ Bulder XE 4. I have a Cell in which is a Text with a few Linebreaks.
I tried to call "AutoSizeRows()", so that the content fit into the Cell, but nothing happend. Am I doing something wrong?


The autosizing works only if the height of the row is higher than the text, so the autosize you can set the defaultrowheight to a higher value, then apply autosizing on the row:

  TMSFMXGrid1.DefaultRowHeight := 500;

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Doesn't work...

No solution?

Doesn't work isn't very helpful, please send us your sample with specific data that fails on autosizing so we can investigate here.

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So i found something...

For Testing:

Drop a TMSFMXGrid on a Form and in the Constructor add the following Lines of Code:

this->TMSFMXGrid1->DefaultRowHeight = 150;
this->TMSFMXGrid1->Cells[1][1] = "This is a Test\r\n for Autosizing Rows\r\nwith a TMSFMXGrid";

This doesn't work. But if i drop a Butoon on the Form and do the "this->TMSFMXGrid1->AutoSizeRows();" in the Button-Click-Event, everything works.

So what can I do, that this works after filling the Grid?

Implement the OnApplyStyleLookUp event and call TMSFMXGrid1->AutoSizeRows(); there.
This event is triggered after the style is applied and the cells are loaded.

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Perfect, thank you