TTMSfmxlivegrid column editing

I have just purchased the fmx UI pack as I was impressed with the grid control.

I have replaced the TStringgrid in my application with a TTMSFMXLivegrid and connected it to the database using live binding.

I am blown away with the functionality this provides.

However,  one thing confuses me.  Previously,  I could use the columns editor to determine which columns showed in the grid.   I don't want every column and in fact I have another inherited form that has a different column layout.

How can I edit the columns in the TMSfmxlivegrid?    The columns property (TTMSFMXGridColumns) opens up a columns editor but modifying this has no effect on the actual grid.  I suspect it's because the grid is taking its column layout from the data source.

Can someone throw some light on this please?


The columns are automatically retrieved via LiveBindings. If you want to add columns manually, you'll need to open the TLinkGridToDatasource component which is created automatically when attaching the grid via LiveBindings to the dataset. You'll find this component in the structure window, under the LiveBindings property for the TTMSFMXLiveGrid. Right-clicking on it should provide access to the column editor where you can add columns of choice.

Thank you.   

I actually discovered this myself just before you replied

Thanks anyway