TTMSFMXHTMLText loses top

I am using a TTMSFMXHTMLText to disply a large amount of HTML. It is an XE7 Delphi app with a TMultiView. This control is on a TTabItem. There is a TTMSFMXHTMLText above the problem control.

The TTMSFMXHTMLText is in a TScrollBox and is aligned top and has Autosize set to true.

The control resizes but pushes the top few lines up so they can't be seen.

Also not all the text shows - is there a limit to how much the control can display?

Any ideas? thanks

Which text is displayed? Can you send us a sample that demonstrates this?

Thanks for the quick response, but I have now solved the issue. Setting the TextSettings.VertAlign to Leading (and not Center) did the trick.