TTMSFMXGrid Livebinding

Hi there,

I am using the latest version of TMS Grid

I have linked to it several columns from a a BIndSource (that uses Aurelius)

What I am looking for is to select a row on the grid and it changes the positioning of the dataset. 

Right now the Grid does not permit any selection (I have editing turned off). I want to use this grid only to show data and to select the record.

If I use the Next and Prior methods from the Dataset is does change the record as expected.

However I want to do that by row selection.

Any hint?



If you have disabled editing with TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Editing.Enabled := False; then you should still be able to select rows, which will automatically change the active record.

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This is what I thought either... however there is no selection capabilities at all on this particular grid, so I have selected or changed something else that made this grid to be totally read only and I am looking to understand that.

ReadOnly is false, 
Enabled is true. 
Editing is false


Setting TMSFMXGrid1.Options.Editing.Enabled = false does not interfere at all with the selection capabilities chosen via TMSFMXGrid1.SelectionMode

Thank you

I will explorer deeper then... this one particular grid is having a strange behavior. It is like working as read only, it is not possible to interact with the grid in any way.

In other places of the software it work as expected.

Thank you