Strange behaviour of TTMSFNCGrid

In my FMX application I have a TTMSFNCGrid. The the grid all columns except one should be read only. The remaining column is read only if some conditions are given. This is set in the foloowing event.

procedure TFmGSModul.grdFGetCellReadOnly(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer;
  var AReadOnly: Boolean);
  AReadOnly := ( ACol <> 4 ) or ( DM.mtSchuelerFaecher.FieldByName( 'Fach_ID' ).AsInteger < 0 );

Now I see the following strange behaviour:
If a read only cell is selected it is not possible to move in the grid with the arrow keys. Clicking with the mouse works, also the "page up" and "page down" keys.
This happens also in column 4, where the read only property is set under specific conditions. In one cell, where the "read only condition" does not hold I can move to the next row with the arrow key, in another cell (where the condition is true) I can not. For the user this is very confusing.


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue. Read-only cells should always be selectable, but not editable. The next version will have this fix included.

Thank you for the information