TTMSFMXCloudWebBrowser iOS 9 Dropbox Callback

I'm not sure what to use here. I applied the and set my project to use it like in the instructions.

In my app, I get the page to login to Dropbox enter the user name and password. When I try to login, it says invalid port 8888

I have always used this for the Dropbox Datastore component

CallBackPort: 8888


Here is an image to what my Dropbox app console looks like:

I'm not sure my image link works but it just says in the Redirect URIs

Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum. I should've put it under Cloudpack under Firemonkey.

Anyway I noticed that the issue is that Dropbox definitely changed something because I get the same error web page on an Android app that I haven't updated in months.

Despite the error web page if I try to authenticate again, I see that I am prompted to allow the app so it works but I have to attempt login twice.



This issue has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey.