TTMSFMXCloudCloudinary Android Issues


I am having trouble uploading images to my Cloudinary account via Android. 

The application is a FireMonkey project and works well when compiled to windows. I have double checked that the AppKey, AppSecret, CloudName and PresetUpload is all correct. I have double checked that the image actually exists at the passed file path to the method. 

I dont get any error message. The line where android is acting differently is this:

LUrl := TMSFMXCloudCloudinary1.UploadImage(LFilename);

On windows this line uploads the image to my Cloudinary account and returns the url. On android neither happens.

Its hard for me to pinpoint why it doesnt work. Maybe it has something to do with the new android API. I have only had the resources to test it on Android 9.

Does anyone know anything about any issues with TMS-Cloudinary or am i doing something wrong? :)

Link fpr the project:

Can you please try if adding this call before the UploadImage call helps to resolve this issue?


Thanks that seems to do the trick. 

Thank you for confirming the issue is fixed.
Note that the next update of TMS FMX Cloud Pack will have the fix built-in.