How do I remove the leading zero's from this control? 

Right now it is very difficult to read because of the leading zeros. 

Only the segments used to represent the actual value should be "active". Everything to the left of the first digit should be "inactive".

You could adapt TMSFMX7SegLED.Digits to the nr. of digits you need (i.e. without leading zeros)

That doesn't work for me.

I do software that is designed to integrate into scale systems. Most scales have LED displays so this seems like a natural fit. However, most LED displays do not light up unless a digit is being displayed in that position so your control does not work like a real hardware device. It is also very difficult to read like this.

Anyway, the number of digits that have actual numbers depend on the weight being place on the scale. For instance, if a car pulls on the scale it may be 5,600 (pounds). If a full size truck pulls onto the scale it might be 32,460 (pounds) empty or 128,000 (pounds) heavy.

Going by what you say I would have to constantly change the number of digits on the display which would be very annoying.

Can you simply not "light" the LED segments for unused digits?

We'll investigate whether an option could be added to never show leading zeros.

Next update will have a property ShowLeadingZeros to control this.