General IW question.

Intraweb 14.2.5
FastReports 5.0
TMS Intraweb PRO Components
Raize 6.2.1

My project has been deployed on the server. However after submission or at page render the focus does not always return to its position. It goes to the top of page or elsewhere. I am not always able to use the setfocus command as its unavailable depending on the object.

How are other developers handling this issue. sorry for posting this here but wanted to know how other developers are handling this issue.

Thanks in advance.

There is a component TIWScrollBarPersistence that you can use and that should keep the page scroll position the same between page refreshes.

do I have to just drop it on my Main form? 

On the form on which the scroll might happen during a page refresh

I did that. But page still scrolls to the top.

Then we will really need more details to be able to advise.