TTIwChecklistbox - enable/disable a single item

 I am only able to change the editable or Read only property of the entire TIWChecklistbox. Is it possible to enable/disable a single item of the TTIWChecklistbox?


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to enable/disable a single item.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version of the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.

Thank you for your response. However I see a similar request posted in 2015 that had a similar response from TMS support. Can you atleast tell me which of your product has the feature I requested.


Please note that we are unable to implement all feature requests.
This depends on the number of people who request a specific feature, the available development time, the amount of work required, etc.

Your request has been added to our feature request list and we'll consider adding this functionality in a future version: