TTIWAdvWebGrid Sort issue, items disappear

I have an issue where if there are only a few rows of items in a grid, when you use sorting click the items disappear.
Then selecting the sort again, will bring them back.. but sometimes clicking on other columns to sort will cause them all to disappear again, and only maybe a few of the items to reappear.. quite strange.

Latest IW and TMS software.

My work around for this is to just disable sorting if its below 10 rows of items.

I Don't use the controller as I don't want pages.

I think this is due to TotalRows.. I have never set this option. I just set the rowcount and go from there.

It seems, if i Set totalrows and rowcount to be the same its happier?

The documentation on totalrows is very vauge, and nothing about it talks about affecting things such as this?

I am correct on this. I took what I tried in my demo app and applied it to my main app, and setting the totalrows to equal the rowcount fixed this issue.

When ever manual update comes out, can this be explained more and what all is affected by ?

RowCount: number of rows per page

TotalRows: total number of rows across all pages

If you have, for example, RowCount set to 5 and TotalRows set to 10 with the first 5 rows having data and the last 5 rows being empty.
After doing a sort action the 5 empty rows will come up on top and the 5 rows with data will be on the next page.
As in your case the controller was disabled it was not visible the grid contains 2 pages.

Please make sure RowCount = TotalRows when you don't want to use paging.

Thats what i finally came up with, but the documentation didn't really explain it all to well. (hint) :)

Would it make sense to add a paging flag to disable it? or if the controller is disabled, then paging is too?

For now I can just set both variables to the same, no biggie ...