The ShowRowsAlways seems to only work for the first page of a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.  Subsequent pages only display the number of rows of data remaining in the dataset.  It's such a simple test I have not included an example.  Simply setup a db grid, turn on ShowRowsAlways and select number of rows less than the number of rows in the dataset.

Background: the reason I wanted to use this was that for ASYNC updates after a row add the grid must have already been rendered with enough cells to hold the data.  By 'pre' rendering a full page of cells (however many rows you want) then adding new rows will simply render into the empty cells correctly.  If the number of row necessary to display are not already on the screen then there is no place for the AJAX call to put the data.
If there is another/better way of dealing with this issue then please let me know.

I have been able to reproduce this issue and I am investigating if this behavior can be improved in a future version of the TIWDBAdvWebGrid control.

Any update on this?  The use of AJAX with Intraweb is very useful and allows intraweb apps to perform more like 'modern' web apps.  Having the grid perform correctly in async mode is crucial.

Unfortunately we haven't yet been able to improve the ShowRowsAlways behavior.

However this is still on our todo list for further investigation.