TSourceExplorer raise system error with code 1400

Good day, I have the problem with using the component TSourceExplore. It's raise system error with code 1400 "Invalid window handle" while trying to free FScript field in TimerEvent. You can find and download an example by link ( https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2jQ8/idKga9KP5 ). 

To reproduce the error you need:
1. Perform the action "New Form"
2. Save the form
3. Go to the code editor
4. Make changes
Could you give advice on how to solve this problem?

Best regards.


Actually TSourceExplorer is a component that is deprecated since before forms were supported in scripter. It's not supposed to be used with script forms...

Hi Alexander,

nevertheless, we have improved TSourceExplorer to work better with forms and background compilation. Please contact us directly through e-mail to receive a patch, thank you.
Good day dear Wagner Landgraf, 
  I sent you message to email. Much thanks, for your support!

Best regards,
Yatchenko Alexander