Script Debugger crash

When using script debugger it often crashes.
Delphi is 10.3.3, Scripter is
When I open the Scripter Demo project demos\pascal\debugger and create it it first starts normally.
I run the project, start the debugger, step into the fibonacci routine and observe the return value.
After a while an errormessage occurs : In project Debugger.exe an exception of the class EatCompileError with the message 'Not enough actual parameters for subroutine Fibonaci'. Expected 1 parameters.Source position 4,41.
However, that source position is empty.
In my own project I see similar errors. The calling stack shows an internal compile error, follwed by a KERNELBASE.RaiseException.
In addition, the debugger cannot be closed in the demo project, however, in my own project I can close it.
Gerhard Sachs

In debugger demo, that error only happens while debugging the host (Delphi) application. If you run outside Delphi, you see no errors. This is simply because the exception is ignored by the debugger (it's trying to watch a value that is incorrect). That's expected behavior.

I don't know about your app, though. You can send us a specific compilable project that reproduces the error and we can fix the scripter bug, if any.
I tested my app running without Delphi IDE and the crashesno longer occur.
Problem solved

Wagner, is it possible to get information about error at this moment? Or catch the exception? I mean to control the exception in Watch.

No, it's ignored by Scripter.

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