TPlanner OnPlannerSelectCell with SelectRange=true

I want that the user cannot select dates from the past, but can select ranges in the future dates, so
and OnPlannerSelectCell there is the following code:


however TPlanner curiouslly multilselects cells (dates before Aug 2) when CanSelect=false ?
The future cells behave correctly. Also when SelectRange=false the cells in the past cannot be selected (OK)

We have been able to reproduce this issue and we're investigating this.

Has this issue been solved ? I have version from Oct 12, and the problem is still there.

I would also like to clear programmatically all selected cells in TPlanner, but there seems to be no method for this ?
I tried planner.Selections.Clear, but it is not working ...

My another thread concerning TAdvLockApp is still unanswered.

The behavior wrt blocking selection has been adapted and next update will have this improvement.