TParamListBox - Spinner Click Enter - Exception occurs

If I have a spinner type in the list and my ok button is default button and I am in the process of changing the value (typed in manually in this case) and press enter, an exception happens.

We could reproduce this.
A fix is applied that will be in the next update.

Thanks. I also noticed when list is open and you select something with enter, the dialog closes and value not selected, I think in general when an in-place item is in editing mode the enter key should simply accept the value and not be passed on to the default key.

We made a change to make it select the item before the default button closes the dialog.

I think the correct action would be to just accept the value entered (like had the user just clicked somewhere). This way keyboard can be used. Example, may be showing list and hit down-arrow enter to select it (but don't close the form) or escape to just close the box (again don't close the main form even though cancel is the key for escape). Eat the enter/esc key when the fields are active for editing. If nothing is open then the default keys work as normal for the full dialog.

That is what the improvement applied will do.

This issue still exists in the latest update. I had a spinner open changed the value, press enter and

Project xxx.exe raised exception class $C0000005 with message 'access violation at 0x009a95f7: read of address 0x00000029'.

Also it shouldn't close the dialog it should only close the spinner (it should eat the enter key or escape key).

Same problem with an edit field.

The dropdown list box enter key action IS fixed. however esc key on list box still closes entire dialog instead of just closing the dropdown.

We further revised. Now all should be fixed.
Improvements will be in the next release.

when is the next update planned?

Week of June 5