To clarify: FNC does not work with TMS web core?

I've installed the latest versions of TMS Web Core (1.6.2) and FNCUI Pack ( and cannot compile most of the demo projects due to various errors to do with webcore classes (such as TStream). From further investigation and checking these forums, the situation seems to be that the latest FNC components do not work with TMS web core 1.6.2 and they only work with 1.7 which is not yet available, even in beta.
As you do not make available earlier versions of anything in my case (and in the case of any new customer) FNC currently does not work with web core. Is that seriously the case? The tone of TMS staff posting in the forums seems to suggest that this is simply a minor inconvenience making me think I have misunderstood (I hope so). I've been using your components/libraries for years and FNC/web core extensively and have just spent over 12 hours trying to figure this out following a dev environment reinstall. I don't have copies of earlier versions so am now stuck if I've understood this correctly.

This may not be much help, but I keep previous versions of all of my downloads in case I ever need to reinstall one later. (They do have to be renamed when you save them to indicate the version or date.) I'm sure they can get you previous versions as well if you ask.