TMSWebGMaps - Samsung S3

I have the GMaps component running on a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. However when I try the same program on a Samsung Galaxy S3, the GMaps component is just blank. The + and - buttons are displayed. It's just the map bit that is blank.

Is this a Samsung feature or am I missing something?


Must just be that type of phone. It works fine on a Samsung Tab S2.


I had same problem with my S3.

After upgrading the image to Android 7 with Odin (Google and YouTube for it),
the problem was gone and my S3 could use the WebGMaps components,

So i guess it's a Android version issue.




Please note that the minimum required Android version is v4.4.

We've also seen intermittent issues from Google with their Google Maps service in the past days.
We could also see problems here last week at specific times only but today we do not see the issue.
When we saw the issue, it was resolved by specifying a Google  Maps Javascript API key to TMSFMXWebGMaps.APIKey before launching the map, so I'd recommend as a precaution to request such (free) key and assign it.
Yes, the Samsung phone is on Version 4.3. I'll investigate.
And I have noticed the Google map intermittent factor lately. I'll look into the API Key.