TMSWebBrowser leaks and system exception in XE6

Subject : TMSWebBrowser leaks and system exception in XE6

I have just installed the registered version of TMS Pack for FireMonkey.
Obviously I was not able to trial the TMSWebBrowser. I did not get any of the following problems with the trial version.

I am running under Windows. Using Delphi XE6.

I have the web browser in a form. I simply call the form, which displays a HTML
page. The page seems to display OK. The user exits the form.

If the form is shown once, then the application is exited there are not problems.

If the form is called twice (2 times), then the application is exited, I get
memory leaks and system exception.

The leaks are :-
21-28 bytes: UnicodeString x 1, Unknown x2.
29-36 bytes: EAccessViolation x 1; TCefFastProxyHandler x 1, TCriticalSection x 3, Unknown x 1.
37-44 bytes: TCefFastResourceBundle x 1, TInternalApp x 1.
189-204 bytes: UnicodeString x 1.

When I exit the application I get the message
"... faulted with message: 'System exception (code 0xc00041d) at 0x007467b6'.

What needs to be done to make sure that there are no memory leaks?

What needs to be done to make sure I do not get the system exception?

Back in September 2014 there was a thread 'TMSWebBrowser Access Violoation' (sic).

Peter Scheldeman gave the advice :-

"Perhaps you could programmatically free the browser in combination with an Application.ProcessMessages in
order to make sure the browser is completely destroyed before closing the form."

Is this still good advice?

How do I do that specifically?

  Peter Evans


Can you send us your sample program that demonstrates this memory leak? Please note that the TTMSFMXWebBrowser is a wrapper around the chromium opensource library. It is based on the CEF1 version and a CEF3 version is already available but incompatible with our requirements for FireMonkey.

The following code can be used in the formclose:


Kind Regards, 

I have just sent an email with attachment to Support.

  Peter Evans

I have had to resend the email with attachment. Unfortunately my email bounced.
  Peter Evans