TMSWebBrowser Access Violoation

I installed the TMSWebBrowswer for windows and got it working on a simple test application in Windows. However in a larger application I have, I get an access violation in CefShutDown when I close the application. The error occurs in cef_client_get_life_span_handler when it tries to call GetLifeSpanHandler. Any suggestions why this might be the case and what I should look for to track down the error? Using the latest version of TMS Firemonkey on XE6 with update 1.

Herbert Sauro


It is unclear why the access violation sometimes occurs during formclose, but the webbrowser is using the older CEF1 libraries. This issue might already be fixed in CEF3, but until now we are unable to implement CEF3 due to shortcomings in the events that are triggered when loading a page.

Perhaps you could programmatically free the browser in combination with an Application.ProcessMessages in order to make sure the browser is completely destroyed before closing the form.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll try releasing the browser programmatically.