TMSWeb_ContinuousScroll.dproj demo project


I am trying to run the sample : TMSWeb_ContinuousScroll.dproj that is installed with Tms Web Core ( 07/04/2020 ).

When I open the project and I open unit1.pas the following error is raised at design time :

"Class TWebContinuousScroll not found. Ignore the error and continue? ....".

I have seen that TWebContinuousScroll is registered using WEBLib.WEBReg.pas in the package TMSWEBCorePkgDEDXE12.bpl, but I cannot find TMSWEBCorePkgDEDXE12.dpk to rebuild it manually.

Why is not distributed the TMSWEBCorePkgDEDXE12.dpk with the Tms Web Core installer?.

I am using Delphi 10.3.3.

Thank you.

This was not supposed to be in the v1.3.8.0 distribution as this component is scheduled for v1.4 that will be released this month.