TMSFNCWXDocx - Copy generated Word Document to TWebClipboard?

I can't say enough how much I am in awe about the TMS components!
Here is another task I would like to accomplish.
I am using TMSFNCWXDocx in a Web application to create a Word document. At the same time my local Word document is already open. Because not every environment allows running executables I am using my web application to do some calculations and other stuff in order to eventually create a Word document. Instead of downloading, saving locally, opening, and importing the result, I was wondering whether I could simply use TWebClipboard to achieve the same in one step, i.e. pasting it into my local Word document!
Probably easier said that done, right? :smirk:

Not sure if this is technically possible but we will investigate this.

Thanks, Bruno!

We investigated this. This component focuses on generating docx files via a library. With this component / library it is technically unfortunately not possible to copy the contents of a generated document.