generate with TTMSFNCRichEditor templates for DOCx documents

have here a older version of my software which used a different RichEditor from TMS to let customer generating their own templates Font/Size/Color/etc and Text to insert those to word document - previous i did this with the copy/paste option - BUT on MAC side this always generates problems - pending on MacOSx - So i bout the WX Pack to fully generate the word document and open it later on. So i have a lod of RichEdit templates - which can be opened by FNC RichEditor with no issue - but how to copy those data to the DOCx exporter?

TTMSFNCRichEditor can open .RTF files. If you generate .DOCX files, these can't be opened directly with TTMSFNCRichEditor. You'd need to convert these first from DOCX to RTF.

I am sorry but is the other way around - i need a possibility for the customer to prepare the docx document - so i decided to use the rich edit to get the correct text in corrcet font / size and color etc. - they need later on in the docx. Would use a Word doument also - if i would be able to open and replace certain elements in it

By end of the day i need the content from rich edit to copy it into the docx exporter....

So you need RTF to DOCX?
Or you could loop over the TTMSFNCRichEditor content and use the TMS FNC WX Pack library DocX component to generate the DOCX from it.

The problem is the real content in rich text component - which is stored also in database - the content itself is permamently changing... (as well as format informations)
The customer want to generate a new docx on a daily basis with this specific content, but this content is - as stated out - changing on a weekly/monthly basis.
If there would be a edit element with WX pack, like the rich edit memo component, perfect...

TTMSFNCRichEditor is always RTF based.
A suggestion could be to use TMS FNC Cloud Pack's TMSFNCCloudFileConversion TMSFNCCloudFileConversion - TMS FNC Cloud Pack
and use it to convert the RTF to DOCX and vice versa.

that sounds like a strange solution - so have in my delphi application a TTMSFNCRichEdit component filled with data - on the same formular a TTMSFNCWXDocx component - save rich edit to rtf file convert that to docx?
Thougt about to simply get content from rich edit and paste it to docx converter.....

It was a suggestion to save you from the work to feed the docx engine with the data retrieved from TTMSFNCRichEdit

in other words TTMSFNCWXDocx can only be used with hard coded text - correct?

TTMSFNCWXDocx is a docx file generator. It offers a Pascal API for feeding text & attributes and generates a docx file from it.

but honestly would be nice to have a rtf input for section.....

We'll consider this for future developments.

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