TMSFNCWebBrowser on Lazarus + Raspberry Pi

TMSFNCWebBrowser doesn't work on the Pi.  At design time the component only shows the "Selectable/Draggable area..." text, with the rest of the window blank.  At run time the entire window is blank.

Same goes for TMSFNCMaps for I assume the same reason.

Both are fine for Lazarus on Windows.

I've taken a look at the source code, and the Lazarus/Unix browser unit only has code for working with FMXLib.  This seemed odd so I had a look at the equivalent FMX/Unix file (FMX.TMSFNCWebBrowser.Unix.pas) and the two are essentially the same.  Lots of {$IFDEF FMXLIB} surrounding the important bits.  So whilst everything installs and builds on the Pi, it's not functional.

Is the Lazarus/Unix port on the to-do list ?

The TTMSFNCWebBrowser does not support Linux for now. Only Windows on Lazarus.

Thanks Pieter.  Any approx timescale?  The project I intend to use it on is just a personal one not business, so if it's not too long away I'll wait rather than working around it myself.

There is currently no timeframe. There is more investigation needed about browser capabilities on Lazarus / Linux

Additionally, Microsoft will also release an Edge Chromium browser for Linux, so we are waiting on that for making further development choices. When the browser will be released is unclear and it's also unclear if that will be accessible from inside Lazarus.


I think you should make it clear on your website e.g. the page for FNC maps - - shows Linux and Raspberry Pi under "TMS FNC Components can be used on these frameworks".  Granted, other FNC components can be, but this is on the FNC Maps page so I assumed that the map would work on the Pi, which it won't as the Pi isn't targetted by Delphi/FMX but only Lazarus.

We'll fix it, thanks for the headsup

No problem.  I'll put this project on the back-burner for now.