TMSFNCWebBrowser: get currenttime, duration from a video

At the moment I'm using the standard mediaplayer. I want to replace this with the TMSFNCWebBrowser and thus also call up and play videos. Works very well. But now I want to record the current time from the video from the TMSFNCWebBrowser like Mediaplayer.currenttime. Is there also a way for the TMSFNCWebBrowser1 to determine the current video time?
code sample:
procedure TForm1.ButtonLoadClick(Sender: TObject);
StartTime, EndTime: TMediaTime;
if OpenDialog1.Execute then begin
RowNumber:= 0 ; // Start from 1
StringGrid1.RowCount := 1 ;
IsFirstTag := True; // Set this variable to true when a new video is loaded
StartTime := MediaPlayer1.CurrentTime;
MediaPlayer1.FileName := OpenDialog1.FileName;
TMSFNCWebBrowser1.Navigate('file:///'+ OpenDialog1.FileName);
StartTime := TMSFNCWebBrowser1.??????
TrackBar.Maximum := Round(MediaPlayer1.Duration / 10000000); // Convert Duration to seconds.
TrackBar.Maximum := Round(TMSFNCWebBrowser1.Duration??????? / 10000000); // Convert Duration to seconds.
TrackBar.Step:= Round(TrackBar.Maximum / 10000000); // Convert Duration to seconds.

We have developed a control that is capable of doing what you describe: TTMSFNCWXVideoPlayer and it's available in TMS FNC WX Pack (TMS FNC WX Pack Delphi components: Barcode, QR code scanner and generator, PDF viewer, HTML memo, OCR, Docx export)

That's it. thx.
I would use the TMSFNCWXVIDEOPLAYER to capture this start and stop time for a video from a current time (Starttime) to a next current time (StopTime). This video sequence should then be saved as an extra video file mp4. Do you have some lines of code here. Should work for Windows, Android, IOS.

Unfortunately saving a part of a video is not possible.

Can you tell me which formats the TTMSFNCWXVideoPlayer can show? If I create a video directly on an iPad and then want to play this *.mov on the player, you can't see it. Only works with mp4 files.

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