WebMultimediaPlayer poster setting

I see this to set the poster of a video


Where do I have to add this with the WebMultimediaPlayer please.


Currently there is no property that would enable this.
We'll add a Poster property that will be part of the next version. In the meantime, you can use the following code snippet:

procedure TForm1.WebFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  el: TJSHTMLElement;
  el := WebMultimediaPlayer1.ElementHandle;
    el.poster = 'placeholder.png';

That great thanks.

Also ( or should I start another post )

I have the WebMultimediaPlayers in a WebResponsiveGridPanel I set the width & height to 80% and need it to be centered in the grid panel. No combination of Align, AlignWithMargins Anchors etc allows me to do this.

You could try CSS:

.grid-aligned {
    justify-items: center;
    /*add align-items if vertical alignment is also needed:*/
    /*align-items: center;*/

.grid-aligned div {
    display: grid;
    justify-items: center;

Then set TWebResponsiveGridPanel.ElementClassName to grid-aligned.

That's working fine.

One more on he cosmetics front.


    background-image: -webkit-radial-gradient(10% 30%, white, black) !important ;

I have set webPageControl1 color to blue which show up okay.
When I change webPageControl1 ElementClassName to backGrad1 I loose the blue background but no color.


I'm not sure I fully understand. Do you mean the ElementClassName of WebPageControlSheet?

Your code works here, although if you use the dropdown to select the ElementClassName, make sure that the name matches exactly. So it should be backGrad1 and not backgrad1.