TMSFNCRicheditor Copy/past not working in OSx

I noticed that the copy/past shortcuts (CMD-C/CMD-V etc) under OSx do not function.
I can copy/past WITHIN the editor with the Windows shortcuts (CTRL-C/CTRL-V) or the copy/past buttons from the toolbar, but not to or from the RichEditor and another application (eg Apple Notes).


We fixed the issue with CMD not being accepted. For the rich editor, the content is copied as a special custom stream, only compatible with the rich editor. We are currently investigating why the rich editor is not capable of copying special custom stream data alongside plain text (which is required to paste in the Notes app). as a workaround, you can use the following code:


We'll investigate exactly what happens.

Thank you I'll try that.
I'm migrating from the FMX components to the FNC components and the FMX version of RichEdit works fine.

The copy to clipboard works from the fmx rich editor to a plain text, but as soon as rich text is in the clipboard, it cannot be pasted again inside the rich editor. It will be pasted as plain text. that's why in FNC we reversed the clipboard order and gave priority to rich text content and therefore it does not contain plain text content to be pasted to other editors. It's a shortcoming in the macOS clipboard.


We have fixed the issue, next version of the TMS FNC UI Pack will address this

Thank you very much. I supose the next version will be later then the Because that one still has the same problem