FNCEdit text paste isn't working


Your TMSFNCEdit control does not working when I want to paste some text copied from another App to it.

Image above shows you a small sample I only drop FNCEdit and Button, when I press the button I display the FNCEdit.text property.

I am using Delphi 12.1 with latest FNC UI Pack components.

Here's a video showing your issue on Android


Does this happen with TEdit as well?

I don't know, I care FNCEdit as I am planning to use it on my App, as other components inside FNC UI Pack.

Did you test it on the environment I wrote before?

We have tested this here with TEdit, copy-paste within the application works, but not from another application or the operating system. Can you verify this?


You did not tell me anything new that I am aware of, that's exactly what I recorded on my video.

What's the solution then?

If the issue is reproducible in TEdit, which is the base for TTMSFNCEdit, then the issue lies within the FMX framework. We'll contact Embarcadero.

I tested on TEdit, it happends the same issue.

We wait the solution then



Any news from this Embarcadero issue?


Unfortunately no, we'll check the status.