FMX TMSFNCRichEditor problem


When I use the VCL version of TMSFNCRichEditor it works very well.
For example, I paste a URL hyperlink and put the text with its corresponding hyperlink style.
I also paste an image and put the image with the ability to resize it.
And I paste some excel cells and put the corresponding table in the RichEditor.

But, when I use the FMX version, none of that works.

Is there any chance I can use that functionality in the FMX version?

Thans for your help...

I retested this here, but I could not see these issues with FNCRichEditor in an FMX app

If a problem persists with the latest version of the component, please provide more details.

You have perfectly demonstrated the problem, thank you for this.

  1. As you can see, in your image the URL does not have the associated hypertext and even the hypertext style (blue underlined font) is not applied. Also if you click with the mouse on the URL the TMSFNCRichEditor1ClickHyperlink event is not triggered.

  2. You copy a table from excel but in TMSFNCRichEditor1 only the characters appear one after the other, that is to say it is not seen as a table, which is very important for our clients.


Now as you can see in my image I'm using VCL TMSFNCRichedit

  1. As you observe here it places correctly the URL with the hypertext style.
  2. Copy very well the excel table not only the characters 1 followed by the other.

Now that you can see the real problem, can we hope that the FMX version of TMSFNCRichEditor can work as well as VCL one?

Thanks for your help...