TMSFMXTaskDialog->Show() error

XE7 Rad Studio, C++, latest version of TMS Pack. TMSFMXTaskDialog version

Create a new project multi-device blank application.

Add to the form TMSFMXTaskDialog,, TMainMenu, TActionList components

add a couple of menu items to TMainMenu (double click then click Add Item a couple of times)

Create an Action. Double click ActionList1, click New Action

Select Action1 double click OnExecute on the Events tab to make a handler

In the handler type:

Go back to design page and select MenuItem1

Set its Action to Action1 (note since I am just using default names for this example, the menu name will become Action1)

Compile and run (or just click the Green Run button which will compile the program)


OK, here is the glitch.

With the program running, click the Action1 menu item.

The TMSTaskDialog displays in the center of the screen. Correct.
Clicking OK or Cancel closes the dialog properly.

Now do it again (note that this glitch happens if it is the first action also)
This time, instead of clicking either OK or Cancel, Click the Action1 menu again.

A second dialog opens mostly obscured in the bottom right corner.
This second dialog is not closable, aside from it should not exist.
If you drag the bottom right corner to make the window bigger, the dialog comes more into view.
The buttons do not close the dialog, but they do show mouse over and click face changes, but
do not do anything.

The TMSFMXDTaskDialog code needs to trap whether a dialog is already open or something


This issue has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS Pack for FireMonkey.