TMSFMXTableView enter item-edit

Hi folks, I'm using this on iOS 10.3.2. Is it possible to configure my table view such that a long press will enter into an item-edit mode where the text/details for a single item can be changed?  Sorry new to this control (and pretty new to FMX/IOS) and am trying to see if this will meet my needs. Thanks in advance!


You can configure gestures using the TGestureManager assigned to the Touch.GestureManager property of the control. Whenever a Long-Tap gesture is detected (via the OnGesture event of the control) you can then go into edit mode by calling TMSFMXTableView1.EditMode;

Thank you Pieter for your answer. The control seems to do exactly what I'd like. I do have another related question though.

I was looking for any kind of event that would indicate when the in-place editing of a table-view item started or completed so I could validate the Caption and Description. I do not see one.  The perfect place to add events for this would seem to be the UpdateItemInplaceEdit procedure in FMX.TMSTableView.pas.   I saw that GetInPlaceEdit() returns a pointer to a TTMSFMXSearchEdit class, which I could grab somewhere and latch onto TEdit events, but as far as I can tell, there is no way of knowing when the editmode for an Item is toggled.

So basically I either have to modify the TTMSFMXTableView class to add at least events for when edit mode for an item is entered/exited, or derive from TTMSFMXTableView and override InPlaceEditExit to call an event which is added.

Am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks!

This is a good suggestion to add events for further customization of inplace editing. We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.