Rich editor CPU load

I compiled included RichEditor example.
Then I run it with File Test and start to move the application window on the desktop hither and thither. This simple operation tooks 10% CPU load on my top 2017 system, Windows 10, ryzen 16 cores, 1070  GPU

This is related to caret handling in FMX. In FMX, to let the caret blink, there is no alternatively to invoking a control repaint at the caret blink frequency. FMX is based on OpenGL, so it forces an OpenGL scene redraw. You could turn off caret blinking or reduce the caret blink frequency.

Thanks for your reply, I wonder now how do I reduce the RichEditor carret frequency ... can't find anything about on
Looks like RichEditor.Caret is not an FMX.Controls.TCaret and doesnt have Interval property

Also is applicable to TTMSFMXMemo? dont find a Memo.Carret

This is included Memo example. I just scroll it up and down, 20% CPU load !