TMSFNCRichEditor demo crash and slow


All FNC component are very interesting and contains a lot of good idea. But some have performance problem like TMSFNCRichEditor.

Open TMSFNCRichEditor Demo compile and start it.

  1. Try sample Sample "Format".
    => Try Resize with with mouse, it's slow and crash (now answer and high CPU) after a certain time if you reduce it !
  2. Sample "Many lines"
    => Try to reduce a lot the width => TMSFNCRichEditor disappear !
  3. Sample "File test"
    => Try to change size it is very slow ( compared to native TrichEdit component) even on a high-end CPU (Core i7-12700K) with quick graphic card.

Same problem on version VCL and FMX debug or release on Delphi 11.

I could see an issue only when making this window very small and the richeditor can barely display a word on a line. Is this the error(s) you refer to?