TMSFMXPageControl in IDE

It isn't possible to change tabs of TMSFMXPageControl in the Delphi IDE.

You have to set the ActivePage(Index) property or use the Popup menu for Next/previous page.

It would be nice if clicking the tab was implemented as well.

Furthermore in the popup menu there is (besides Next/Previous) also a New and Clear item.
That's very nice, but I already clicked these accidentally instead of Next/Previous.
So maybe it's possible to first ask a question if the user wants to do it, or separate these choices in the menu by using a menu separator



FireMonkey unfortunately doesn't fully support designtime handling.
We'll investigate if we can add dialogs to ask for clearance

Thx Pieter,

But designtime clicking on the PageControl tabs (just like the standard TTabControl) is most important.
Because if this works, there's less need to use the popup menu.

Hi Pieter,

Is there any progress on this ?


Designtime support via the TTMSFMXPageControl is not possible in the same way as with TTabControl. After investigation we came to the conclusion that FireMonkey lacks good designtime support and therefore changing / designing pages can currently only be done by right-clicking the component, or by setting the ActivePageIndex at designtime. If there is any progress on this, we will notify through version history updates.