PageControl at design-time: cannot select tab with


another small observation: I cannot select any tab at design-time using the mouse. Right-click and Next/previous tab works but directly selcting the tab and showing its content would be nice.

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The concept of designtime tab selection only exists in VCL, we haven't yet found a way to accomplish this in FMX. We have added this on our todolist for further investigation.

As a follow up to this issue, I am using Windows 10, Lazarus 1.6.4 and I need to close and reopen the project in order to see the tabs in the correct order after I have moved the Pages in the Components listing.

It would be a great help if :
1) A PageControlPage name can be specified
2) The PageControl can be updated / refreshed without having to Close and Reopen the project.

Can this be done?

Not sure how it would help if a name can be specified? Can you explain how this would help?

The Pages shows the same information except for the index number. As in:

0 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage: 
1 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage: 
2 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage: 
3 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage: 
4 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage: 

If at lease the 'Text' (for the tab Caption) is displayed, then one would know to set that as the Active Index value.

It is extremely time consuming when you have a lot of tabs/pages.

Also, dragging and dropping the PageControlContainers puts the container into another container, leading to an error which shuts down Lazarus, and the project is then unable to load. It can only be fixed by going into the code and moving the now sub-container code out to a container in the code.


Understood. We'll investigate to improve.

Also, can it be that double clicking on the item be used to select the tab/page?

For example, 
0 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: TTMSFNCPageControlPage:
would become
0 - TTMSFNCPageControlPage: pgMain:

And double clicking it would select the tab/page.

I doubt the double click can be detected in the structure pane.