TMSFMXMemo Initial Cursor Visibilty Problem

The text cursor is not visible when TMSFMXMemo is first launched.Clicking anywhere on the form causes the cursor to appear. Text typed after creation is visible, but no cursor is visible until I click anywhere on the form.

I set an event handler for the OnCreate that adds a blank line and updates the cursor position status display on the status bar. My status bar shows the correct line/column information as I type, so everything appears to be working other than the cursor is not visible until I click anywhere on the form.

I looked for a property that forces the cursor to be visible, but could not find one.

The cursor must be visible at launch without any user interaction. How can I force it to be visible at form creation without having to click on the form?


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue.
The next version will address this issue.

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