TTMSFMXMemo again

Hi Bruno/Pieter

Just a post to re-highlight two small problems with the FMXMemo that are very annoying for end users:

1. When you click on a line the cursor usually appears on the line below. The only way to avoid this is to ensure the cursor is about 90% over the line you want to select - it should be around 50/50.

2. Hitting tab moves focus to the next control on the form, rather than inserting a tab in the text. I believe you're looking into this but it's driving me (and my testers) nuts!

I've mentioned these before but I think #1 might have got lost in the noise since it's still a problem in the latest version. 

Thanks again, Bob
  1. We've applied an improvement for this.
    2. We'll need to add an option to control this, as some users want the tab key to insert a tab and others to move the focus to the next control.