TmsFmxGrid: Delete column after column dragging

Place a tmsfmxgrid on an empty form, with ColumnDragging=true. Type in A, B, C in the first three columns.after the fixed column. Drag the B column one position to the left, so the columns become: fixed, B, A, C.

Now if I set cell[1,0]:='test', the text appears in the B column, as expected.But if I call DeleteColumn(1), the B column is not deleted, but instead the A column, and the order is changed to: fixed, C, B.

How can I make sure that when I call DeleteColumn(1), it will delete the second column no matter how columns have been moved around in the past, and that the remaining columns are not rearranged? I tried calling SetColumnOrder in the OnColumnDragged event, but it made no difference.

Thanks a lot for your great components!

We traced & fixed this issue. The next update will address this.

Your product support never fails to amaze me. Thanks a lot!