Several issues with drag&drop, sizing and scrollin

Several issues with drag&drop, sizing and scrolling

Hello there,

in the past few days I was facing some problems while using the TPlanner component (Version The Planner is set up as follows:
1. Time axis is horizontal, positions go vertical (header on the left)
2. Planner mode plDayPeriod, period start and end are set to a span of two weeks. Not all days are visible at once, so that a horizontal scroll bar is visible.
3. PositionAutoSize is true
4. PositionWidth is 196 (normal view) resp. 32 (compact view)
5. DragItem and DragItemAlways are true
6. Header->RotateOnLeft is true, so that Header->Height can be set to 32 and the Header captions are still readable.
7. ScrollSmooth is true

1. When an item is dragged to the right edge of the component in order to drop it somewhere in the not visible (scrollable) area, the component does not scroll. The same applies for the other direction. Is this a configuration problem?
2. When I start resizing an item on the right side, the component starts scrolling when reaching the right edge. So far, so good. But as soon as the component has scrolled to the right, it won't scroll left again when I move the mouse to the left edge. In my opinion, the component should be scrolling leftwards when the mouse is over the header (in this case on the left side).
3. If an item covers more that the visible area, it cannot be resized at all on the right side (item's right edge is visible, left edge is not). As soon as the right edge of the already selected item is clicked for resizing, the component scrolls to the item's left edge, which aborts the resizing. It seems to me, as if this were the standard behaviour when selecting an item, which is not very heplful in this situation.
4. Concerning autosizing of positions, I would like to have the following behaviour (example): items shall have a fixed height of 32 each, positions shall have a minimum height of 128. 1-4 items per cell => position height = 128; 5 items => position height = 160; 6 items => position height = 192 and so on. Is there any way to achieve this?
5. If a cell contains so may items that they cannot be displayed all at once, a vertical scroll bar appears. When scrolling downwards, the component jumps to the next position so that one does not have the chance to see all the items. Is there any way to activate something like "ScrollByItem"?
6. Is there any way to show a hint for each header caption?
7. When just clicking an item, the OnDragOverCell Event is called. In my opinion, this is not quite correct, do you agree? This has some ugly effects on the drag&drop behaviour. Example: an item covers two cells, let's say in horizontal direction. If the right cell is just clicked, the drag&drop routine would move the item one cell to the right, without even having moved the mouse. As I found a workaround, this issue is not really a problem for me. But I think you might be interested...

I hope you can help me with these issues.

Thanks in advance.

To handle this in an efficient way, can you please contact by email and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem so we know all property settings that are involved