TMSFMXCloudWeather not retrieve information

Hi, I used TMSFMXCloudWeather1, I have the appkey from, but I get error "Weather forecast could not be retrieved", is error from component?



Can you please make sure you entered a valid "city, country"?
You can use the Lookup call to retrieve valid locations based on the text entry. (As demonstrated in the WeatherDemo application)

Hi,  I?m sure used the city and country valid in Your demo("Guadalajara, M?xico", "Monterrey , M?xico"  etc..),  Now it works, two days ago it did not work, probably problems with the time interface

Thanks guys

Hi, I tested on android / IOS, with Punta mita , mexico, I found some problems:

1.-Punta mita, mexico:  android no shown information .
2.-IOS the information is incomplete and with errors.
3.-The idiom not work on IOS/Windows/Android

You can find pictures with the problem in this direction , the program used is Your demo


  1. This issue has been fixed. Note that it's currently not supported to display the GIF images as can be seen on iOS / Windows. This is a FMX framework limitation beyond our control.

    2. This issue has been fixed.

    3. I'm not sure I understand this question correction. Can you please provide extra information?

    The update will be available with the next release of TMS FMX WebGMaps.