TMSFMXCloudGMail Error 401 invalid_client

I have received my Appkey and my Appsecret for the service. In using the demo after hitting the connect button I am getting:
Authorization Error
Error 401: invalid_client
The OAuth client was not found.
What am I missing? What else needs to be provided in the component to match with the gmail setup?
Thanks for any help.

Did you follow the steps correct at: ?
In particular, did you choose the correct application type?

Thinking that the documentation is off. Documentation says to register as a web app, which I did but it is not working from my desktop app. I see from some other comments that it should be registered as something else? Additionally, there are many properties in TMSFMXCloudGMail which do not seem to be documented.
what should the Authorized JavaScript origin be from a desktop app?
In the dialog Cloud Application settings: Gmail dialog box what is the relationship between the CallBack URL and the settings that should be in the Gmail Authorized redirect URIs?
Is there anywhere that I should be entering the Client ID?


  • Please make sure to assign the correct values to the App.CallBackURL, App.CallBackPort, App.Key, App.Secret properties.

  • CallBackURL should contain the exact same value as one of the redirect URIs in the Google console.

  • The Authorized JavaScript origin can be ignored for desktop apps.