Google Authentication Problem


I am using the DoAuth function to do the Google authentication process in my Android app.

Everything was ok, but it stopped working now.

The external browser opens and the correct page is displayed. When I click "Allow" the browser starts loading and nothing happens.

When I try to debug, i am getting exceptions in the TMSCloudBase Code.

What could be the reason?

- Can you please make sure to follow the instructions in the PDF Manual to enable authentication via external browser?
- Can you please make sure the App.CallbackURL value is identical to the Redirect URI value specified in the Google Developers Console (including port number)?

If the problem persists can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- What is the version of Android you are using?
- Does the authentication work if you run your app on Windows?
- An exact description of the exceptions you got while debugging.