TMSFMXCloudFacebook post to a Page


if i use the i only can Post to my own Timline.

The doc says with a command like this :

  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text, pageid);

A post can be in a Page. 
But while compiling i got :

There is no overloaded version of Post.

If i remove the Parameter pageid it works in my own Timeline

Any tips ?
I Use XE8 ..


It is unclear what the type of pageid is in the code you show here.

The expected type is an instance of class TFacebookPage. Is this the case?


yes , this is the Way to get the ID

  Profile := ListBox2.Items.Objects[ListBox2.ItemIndex] as TFacebookPage;;

This works fine, but my problem is, that the compiler says :

There is no overloaded version of Post.

  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text,pageid);

if i remove the fourth Parameter (pagid) the compiler works fine ....

it looks like there is no post like described in the devguide :

Post(const Msg, Link, Image: string): string;
Post a message on the user’s Facebook Feed with an optional URL link and image URL.

Post(const Msg, Link, Image: string; Page: TFacebookPage): string;
Post a message on the user’s Facebook Page with an optional URL link and image URL. is not of the type TFacebookPage, Profile is.

Arrgghhhh --... Damn ... i need more Coffee :-(

Ok ... i have changed it like this :

  pagepost:=  ListBox2.Items.Objects[ListBox2.ItemIndex] as TFacebookPage;
  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text,pagepost);

But in the selected Page is no posting ... the debugger does not stop and theres no exception ....


You own this page and have permissions?

yes ,, they are my pages ...

Ok....  something testet...

normal Post does not work ...

  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text);

If i Post a Picture :
     ImageID := TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.PostImage(Edit2.Text, OpenDialog1.FileName);

it works......

The Logfile logs everything, but no posting .. only the results ....

remark ....

If i use this one :

  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text,'', '',pagepost);

it works ... 

Normaly if edit1 and edit3.text is empty (nothing typed in) this 

  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text,pagepost);

have to work, but it doesnt ....
Where is the Problem ??????

Remark 2  ....

There is something wrong....

if i Use this :
  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, '', ',cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,h_1200,q_80,w_1200/MTE4MDAzNDEwNzA5OTM5NzI2.jpg',pagepost);

Works perfect .. Text , Picture and URL are correct ....

if i Use this 
  TMSFMXCloudFacebook1.Post(Edit2.Text, Edit1.Text, Edit3.Text,pagepost);

And fill the edit-Fields with the Values from the First one ... NOTHING ... no Posting ....


I'm not sure what is going wrong here.
Does the Post call work when posting to your timeline instead of a page?
Can you please make sure Logging is enabled and LogLevel is set to llDetail for the TMSFMXFacebook control, then check if any error messages have been added to the LOG file?
If so, please provide the relevant error messages so I can further investigate this issue.