Facebook: Posting a message with image and no URL

I am trying to post a message on Facebook with a image using

  ImageID  := AdvFacebook1.PostImage( ImgID, GetLocalApplicationData + 'Thumb.jpg');
  ImageURL := AdvFacebook1.GetImageURL(ImageID);
  AdvFacebook1.Post( Mess,'',  ImageURL);                         //no website
The message does not appear (only the fact that i updated a picture, but this is not displayed on the TimeLine)

If i use AdvFacebook1.Post( Mess,'www.extremegammon.com',  ImageURL); then the message appears but the image display size is reduced to display the URL information.

If there a way to post a message with a message but with no URL?


You should be able to post a message with an image and no URL.

Can you please enable logging for the TAdvFacebook control in your application and provide
the "TAdvFacebook.LOG" file that is automatically generated in the
documents folder of your PC?<o:p></o:p>

You can activate logging by adding the following lines of code: 

TAdvFacebook1.Logging := true;
TAdvFacebook1.LogLevel := llDetail;