TadvFacebook - How make post in specific page


I'm using TadvFacebook and it works fine.
If a facebook account has more pages, how can i select in which post ?

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Best regards, Fabrizio.

Here’s an example of how you can post to a Facebook page: 

  if AdvFacebook1.PageList.Count > 0 then
    AdvFacebook1.Post('Hello world', '', '', AdvFacebook1.PageList[0]);

Please note that you are required to have administrative rights for a specific page to be able to make posts to it.

Bart Holvoet2013-12-12 05:49:39

Thank you very much!

Regards, Fabrizio Colombini.

Excuse me... another small question..

How can get Albums from secondary pages ?
When i call AdvFacebook1.GetAlbums(AdvFacebook1.Profile), i obtain only Album created on main page of the profile.

I'm sure that i'm wrong, but i don't know what.
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Can you please try the following code?

  AdvFacebook1.GetProfileInfo(AdvFacebook1.PageList.Items[0].ID, AdvFacebook1.Profile);

You are great !!!

Many thanks, Fabrizio.

Hi !

I'm your nightmare...
My target is post messages and images in a selected page of a Facebook Account.
Everithing if working fine if i use primary's page album.
If i select an album contained in a secondary page with this code, nothing has posted :

 ImageID := AdvFacebook1.PostImage('Mycomment',       'c:\testimg.jpg',TFacebookAlbum(AlbumList.Items.Objects[AlbumList.ItemIndex]) );

Obviously i fill the AlbumList, with your suggested rows :

  AdvFacebook1.GetProfileInfo(SelectedPage.ID, AdvFacebook1.Profile);
What i wrong ?
Thank you !

It's currently not supported to post images to albums for a specific page.
However this is a good suggestion and I've added a new overload to the PostImage call with an extra "Page" parameter (Similar to the Post call) to make this possible.

The update will be available with the next release of the TMS Cloud Pack.

This is an example of how the PostImage call can be used to post an image to an album of a specific page in the next version of TMS Cloud Pack:
     AdvFacebook1.PostImage(edAdd.Text, OpenDialog1.FileName, ListView2.Items[ListView2.ItemIndex].Data, AdvFacebook1.PageList[0]);

Bart Holvoet2013-12-16 09:44:26

Perfect !! I'll wait next release,

Thank you very much for your special support.

PS : When new release will be available ?

Fabrizio Colombini

The next version of TMS Cloud Pack will be released within the next couple of weeks.
I'm unable to provide an exact date at this time.